Fire Lining 24x36x60 1/4″


Our fire lined designs take the task of protecting your valuables to the next level. We start with a ¼”- ½”
safe body (C). Next we fit a 3/16” steel fire liner safe body complete with top and bottom end caps to
the interior leaving a pocket all the way around for the fire rated material (G). The fire rated material (B)
rated at 1—2 hours is then inserted into the pockets located around the entire safe body and in
between the top and bottom end caps (A/E/G). The door panel is then created out of our fire liner
material and mounted. Lastly, we install our fire rated seal all the way around the door frame that will
expand when exposed to heat (H). For more information or questions on our techniques please feel free
to reach out to a team member via our contact form on our website or call us @ 559-266-4844

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A/E – ¼ “– ½” Outer safe end cap
Each safe has two outer end caps ranging from ¼ “– ½” depending on the thickness of the material
B) Fire rated Lining
Our Fire rated lining is sealed in between the outer body/end caps and the interior body/end caps and
used for the door panel
C) ¼” – ½” outer safe shell
Our body is bent out of one piece of steel with the thickness based on customers’ orders specifications.
D) Safe door W/ fire rated lining
1 and 2 hour rated safes will come with a door panel made of our fire rated insulation.
F) Hinge – Continuous
All of our safe are made with a continuous hinge unless an order specifies an alternative
g) 3/16” Inner Safe Fire Liner
The fire liner body and end caps are made of 3/16” steel
H) Expanding Fire Seal
A fire rated seal is installed all they way around the door frame that is designed to expand when
exposed to heat protecting your interior and valuable’s.

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Hour Rating

1 Hour, 2 Hours


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