Cookie has been designing and fabricating safes and Vault doors since 2012 and her combined companies (Kaynine Safe Company and The Safe Gal)  have been in the business for over 40 Years. She graduated from Long Beach State with a degree in Metal Art and has always had a love for interior design. When the opportunity arose to bring a beautiful (yet neglected) safe company back to life - she didn’t hesitate.

While the task proved to be challenging in many ways, there were some non-negotiables that she carried forward from the original company without a second thought. The first was to respect the integrity of the fabrication process by continuing to produce 100% AMERICAN MADE products.The second was to continue to offer the same robust steel thicknesses the company was known for (1/4”-1”). And the third was to continue to bring awareness to consumers that not all safes/vault doors are created equal. Although 95% of the Safe/Vault door industry is geared toward the purpose of storing guns, our products are designed to do so much more.  For instance, installing a vault door doesn’t have to give you end-of-the-world vibes (unless you want it to). The Safe Gal can create a door to compliment your style and will build to your specs.

Why settle for something off a showroom floor that doesn’t meet all your needs, when you can come to The Safe Gal and design the products of your dreams?



Let me introduce you to The Safe Gal.  She’s leading the way in the Safe/Vault door industry by integrating her 40-year-old original designs with today’s technology, creating a product that will continue to stand the test of time with a modern twist.

Our standard line of safes, cash drops, and vault doors is just the beginning of what we can fabricate. All of our products can be made to complement your style, and we will build to your specs. Thus, giving you the ability to purchase a product that will fit perfectly in your current residential or commercial space. We also work well with others and are happy to assist your contractor in creating products to fit your new construction needs.

So, whether you’re looking to protect your valuables and family at home, your employees, and products in a commercial space or you have a top-secret project you need help bringing to life - you’ve come to the right place and your secrets are always SAFE with us!