Eva Dry Safe Dehumidifier


The Eva Dry Safe Dehumidifier is your ultimate solution for combatting humidity effortlessly. Say goodbye to traditional dehumidifiers and tangled cords; with its renewable silica gel technology, this compact unit silently absorbs moisture without the need for batteries or power. Equipped with an indicator window, it signals when it’s time for renewal. Keep your space dry and your valuables protected with the Eva Dry Safe Dehumidifier.

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Introducing the ultimate solution to combat humidity inside your safe – the Eva Dry Safe Dehumidifier.

How it works:

Harnessing the power of renewable silica gel technology, the Eva Dry E-500 operates effortlessly without the need for batteries or power. Simply place it in any area up to 500 cubic feet, and let it silently absorb moisture. An indicator window features crystals that transition from BLUE to PINK, signaling when it’s time for renewal after reaching its 6-8oz capacity, typically within 4-8 weeks.

No more spills or costly refills:

Experience hassle-free moisture control with the Eva Dry Safe Dehumidifier. Unlike traditional dehumidifiers, it never leaks or spills, capturing moisture vapor and keeping it contained within the beads until renewal. Keep your valuables safe and dry with the simplicity and reliability of the Eva Dry Safe Dehumidifier.


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