Cash Drop With Pulldown

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Our custom cash drop is available with a top-drop or pull-down option. Our standard size is 20x24x60 but we can fabricate drops to your specific measurements. The option to have a top and bottom safe works well in retail industries, allowing managers and owners access to the cash in the top safe and employees to have access to their cash drawers in the bottom safe. We can also fabricate cash drops with a single safe and adjust the location of the drop opening.



Finding a secure safe large enough to protect your deposits, tills, cash, and other valuable items is important to any business. The Safe Gal 20x24x60 Cash Drop Depository Safe can do it all. It features two compartments that have dual purposes. The top compartment can handle all your drops, including bag bags, and the bottom compartment can handle all your tills and other items you want to keep secure. It’s like having two safes in one.

There are two styles of drops on The Safe Gal 20x24x60 Cash Drop Depository Safe. A Pull-Down Drawer acts like a mail drop. Just pull the drawer down, insert your deposit, and let it fall into the compartment. Or you can go with the stationary top to drop your deposits straight in. Both compartments have adjustable shelves to help keep everything organized.

A fire rating is a nice feature that most depository safes don’t have. The Safe Gal 20x24x60 Cash Drop Depository Safe has a 30-minute fire rating to protect your cash, important paperwork, and valuables in the event of a fire. Longer fire ratings are available for an additional cost. Both doors are locked with a digital electronic lock (S&T Titan D-Drive). This lock has several business-type features, including a manager code and nine employee users, dual control, time delay, duress/silent alarm mode, and more.

Your safe has to be secure but also look nice. The Safe Gal 20x24x60 Cash Drop Depository Safe comes in 4 colors, including black, white, gray, and hot pink. The inside is a charcoal interior. An L-Shaped handle comes standard on both doors. The safe looks nice, but how secure is it? It has 1/4″ thick solid steel on the entire safe body and the door. Most depository safes on the market are 1/8″ or 3/16″ in the body. This is much more secure and will hold up longer in an attack.

Other custom features include a longer fire rating, handle types, lock options, colors, and even size. Give us a call at 559-266-4844. if you have any questions or if you would like a quote on a custom option.


  • Outside Dimensions: 20.00″ (D) x 24.00″ (W) x 60.00″ (H)
  • Stationary Top or Pull Down Drawer for Cash Deposits
  • Weight: 725 Pounds
  • The entire safe body and door are 1/4″ thick of solid steel
  • 30 Minutes Fire Protection
  • Black with Charcoal Interior – Other colors available include White, Gray, and Hot Pink
  • 1 Straight shelf per safe – all straight shelves are adjustable
  • 2 Standard L-Shaped Handles
  • 2 Digital Electronic Locks (S&G Titan D-Drive)

Additional information

Weight 1500 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 24 × 60 in


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