1/4″ Vault Door

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Elevate your security with The Safe Gal 1/4″ Vault Door – the ultimate defense solution. Crafted from 1/4-inch thick steel, it forms an impenetrable barrier, offering top-tier protection for your valuables and peace of mind for your family. Our customizable vault door seamlessly integrates with your decor, and the patent-pending Panic Room Slider enhances security. Features include an interior release, frame options, and a relocking system for unparalleled safety. Choose strength, style, and peace of mind with The Safe Gal.



Introducing The Safe Gal 1/4″ Vault Door – Your Ultimate Security Solution!

Enhance your security with The Safe Gal 1/4″ Vault Door, where safeguarding is our top priority. Crafted from 1/4-inch thick steel, this door creates an impenetrable barrier against potential threats. These vault doors transcend conventional entrances; they serve as robust theft deterrents, becoming your initial defense line and transforming any room into a secure panic room, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Furthermore, our 1/4″ vault doors are designed to endure the toughest conditions, featuring a 45-minute fire rating, ensuring the safety of your valuables during fire emergencies. Choose The Safe Gal for strength, protection, and peace of mind.

Convert any space into a sanctuary with our effortlessly installable and fully customizable vault doors. Select from a diverse range of finishes, seamlessly integrating your vault door into your home or business decor. Additionally, our innovative patent-pending Panic Room Slider enhances security by overriding locking mechanisms, effectively thwarting unauthorized access.


  • Interior Release: Rest assured knowing you won’t find yourself locked inside your secure space.
  • Patent-Pending Panic Room Slider: This distinctive feature guarantees that no one can enter the room, even if they possess the exterior code.
  • Frame Options: Customize your door’s frame to match your preferences, with choices such as C-Channel with rebar, hidden door frame with mirror, or cabinet attachment.
  • Fire Rating: Enjoy peace of mind with a 45-minute fire rating
  • Customizable: Tailor every aspect of your vault door, including size, frame, lock/handle options, paint color, and finish.
  • Hand-Crafted Bolts: Our vault doors boast 12 meticulously machined 1″ thick stainless-steel bolts, ensuring uncompromising security.
  • Relocking System: In the event of any tampering attempt, our re-locker engages, necessitating the expertise of a locksmith (and detailed instructions) to access the door, guaranteeing the integrity of your security.

Don’t leave your safety to chance. Elevate your security with The Safe Gal 1/4″ Vault Door, where unwavering strength seamlessly blends with customizable elegance. Protect what matters most.

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Dimensions .25 × 36 × 80 in


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